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Tech Round Up May: Review

As we move into the middle of the year, here’s a look back at all the technical developments that have been made in the Joymo-verse from January 2022 to now.

Allows content creators to create better reflect their brand - better display of streams, banners, shorter form content. Each channel is bespoke in terms of content and graphics

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More details here: Tech Roundup January 2022

Updates were made based on feedback from existing content creators who had used the first app. New additions included specific scoreboards being made, and the ability to create new live streams from the app.

Automatic streaming quality adjustments, meaning that the quality of the stream now adjusts automatically based on the speed of the internet connection aka “smart stream”.

More details here: Joymo Share App 2.0 Launch

You're now able to do a keyword search in arena to access channels, season tickets and events.

Use the search function to look up a particular word eg “caged” and a range of either events or descriptions will appear.

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