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Tech Round Up: April 2022

Here’s what our team has been working on to improve the Joymo Share app experience (iOS update out now, Android update available soon).

Tech roundup april google login

Users can now sign in using their Google login info which makes for quicker access and less passwords and usernames to keep track of.

Tech roundup april channel menus

There’s a new channel selector at the top of the screen when you log in, with this you are able to switch, easily, to any of the channels that you own. Channel owners can also filter one (or more) of it’s sub-channels using a new option at the bottom of the screen.

Tech roundup april profile updates

We’ve also included a direct link to the Joymo Knowledge base website for ease of access for any questions you may have navigating the app and answering any questions related to the Joymo platform.

We’ve also added a delete button where users linked to a channel can be deleted directly from the app.

Tech roundup april signal

In order to ensure that streams are stable, 480p is the new default resolution that is set before going live. Once a stream goes live, the content creator will see (on the screen) that the resolution will increase automatically based on the strength of the user's internet connection up to full 1080p. If the internet connection is weak then the resolution remains at 480p.

The wifi symbol on the “live screen” has also been changed. The colours that now signify internet connectivity strength are: yellow, light green, dark green and orange.

When a content creator pauses a stream, the last used resolution is auto-saved and changes as per the stability of the internet connection.

Tech roundup april autofocus

We’ve also added an Autofocus functionality that is on by default but can be toggled off and adjusted manually.