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Tech Roundup - January 2022

January 2022 sees a range of new additions to Joymo Arena. Our team has been hard at work, with customising and an elevated viewer experience being top of mind.

At the moment, channel customisation is only possible if you send an email to us, and we will do it for you.

Our team is currently in the final stages of polishing the additions so that all content creators will be able to do this seamlessly, themselves.

Expect a new channel experience that not only makes it easier for channel owners to better present their content, but also makes it easier for viewers to discover and enjoy the content in a more structured and user friendly display.

Channel exp cover

A cover area has been introduced to bring about a personalisation for each channel. The cover area allows teams to include an image of their choice that best represents their team/sport.

Soon it will also be possible to have a short form introduction video in the cover area as well.

Now a description can be added to your channel. This gives your fans more insight about the kind of content you have on the channel.

Channel exp description

Our quick share area makes it easier for you to share your channel directly to your fans in your favourite social media channels. It is also easier to copy the link to your channel by using the “copy link” button in case you want to send an email or want to include the link in your newsletter.

The live and upcoming functionalities remain the same, but we have introduced cover images for the cards. These images are customisable and can include a cover image of your choice.

Channel exp highlights

The highlights feature, allows you to place shorter clips from the streams, that will excite and entice the viewers.

Examples of highlights content include: great goals, saves, hits and passes, depending on your sport.

In addition, you are able to link the highlight to the actual event if the highlight clip was taken from a stream that was live on Joymo.

Channel exp replays

Similar to live and upcoming, you can have a cover image on the replays category of your channel.

Channel exp image 5a

The entire channel page includes streams from the subchannels as well.

To only watch streams from a subchannel, you can always filter by subchannel

Look out for the new and improved Joymo Share App in February, we’ll bring you all the latest updates on that in next month's tech round up.

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