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Build the Home of Your Sport

Joymo's mission is to help rights holders unlock the value of their content by building a central home for all of their sporting content. A full service end-to-end media streaming platform that incorporates live streaming, content management, data ownership, and analytics.

The Joymo solution includes the following key benefits:

Bring your content and your fans together

Joymo offers you the platform and services to bring your live, on-demand, behind the scenes, and short form content together in one place where your fans can live and breathe your sport. 

This is not just a live streaming service but a platform to launch and manage your entire direct-to-consumer digital strategy.

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Bespoke and Managed Platform Services

The home of your sport, your way. From branding, to advertising, marketing support, content creation management, and technical expertise. We help you deliver the best experience to your viewers.

Bespoke and Managed

Capture and deliver content with ease

With the Joymo Share App you can schedule and livestream with built in scoreboard and timer features for a wide range of sports.

Or use Joymo Connect to stream with any RTMP enabled cameras/software and create content with high end production, broadcast directly to your bespoke platform.

Capture and deliver content

Manage your content and Monetise your IP

Your fans want to support you, and with all of your events and content in one place you can give them a range of options from pay-per-view to monthly and annual subscriptions.

Ensure full control over your IP and content in one unified hub with a modular and customisable front-end and secure online payment gateway.

Manage content

GDPR and Safeguarding

Built-in features ensure athletes are safeguarded, GDPR stipulations are met, and data can be easily and securely managed. Data ownership is retained by you and not shared with third parties.

Custom ad solutions

Offer sponsors access to highly-engaged and micro targeted audiences for a range of ad placements in all video assets.

Our ad services can include management and support as well as analytics and reporting.

Data-Driven Growth

Monitor, analyse, and improve the channel experience for fans with in-built metrics around video performance, fan engagement, and demographics.

Start building the home of your sport