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Tech Round Up February 2022

Joymo Share App 2.0 launch - The journey to NOW!

The Joymo Share App first launched in April 2020, where the decision was made to make live streaming more accessible for everyone at every level, from the grassroots hockey player to the amateur boxer.

That journey has involved the addition of features specific to particular sports such as scoreboards, a timer and the inclusion of team names on the streams and the adaptive bitrate where the quality of the stream is adjusted automatically based on internet quality.

And now enter version 2.0 of the Joymo Share App where we have refined and revamped the product, making it possible for any sport to be livestreamed.

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There’s a new look and feel on the recording screen. Content creators can now choose the controls they would like to see while livestreaming, making for a more distraction-free filming experience.

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Content creators can now schedule events and set the price for tickets, without having to leave the app.

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Teams can set up test events to make sure their streams are set up correctly.

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Joymo Connect events (where sport is filmed using an internet enabled camera, and broadcasting software are used), can now be scheduled directly from the app.

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Content creators can now easily identify if their streaming event has been set up for Joymo Connect or the Share App. This is seen on the event cards displayed on the home dashboard.

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Scoreboards have been added for various sports, and we have also introduced new scoreboard controls where the option to increase or decrease the score has been made bigger, and easier to access while streaming.

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Content creators are now also able to reset the score, the timer and team names while streaming, this is found under the settings tab on the recording screen.

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Now, a pop up notification appears when the stream is 30 minutes from ending. Content creators can then click on the pop up notification to add up to 30 more minutes to their current stream. There is also an option to extend the duration under the settings tab.

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The quality of the stream now adjusts automatically, based on the speed of your device’s internet connection.

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Content creators can now also see how many tickets they have sold to their stream, via the app.

For more detailed information around functionalities of the app, click here

Download the all new Joymo Share App now to get the complete Joymo experience.

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