Tech roundup nov hero v2

Tech Roundup November 2022

Here’s what our team has been working on this month.

Tech roungup extend stream

Test streams can now be extended to allow content creators to run a test stream for whole events. This function is accessible from both the settings menu while streaming and stream page before entering streaming mode.

Tech roungup cancel sub

Customers can now manage their subscriptions directly from their profile page at their own convenience and no longer need to contact support.

Tech roungup player bitrate

Two new quality settings have been added to enhance our streaming experience, 360p and 480p. For viewers watching streams on a mobile device or with restricted bandwidth the player will automatically select the best quality based on their conditions.

Tech roungup tickets

Improvements in the ticketing configuration and work flow on now ensures the viewer can see what content each ticket covers before they purchase. They can also see what content they have already purchased before making a decision on their next purchase.