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Tech Round Up October 2022

Here’s what our team has been working on to make both the streaming of content and the accessing and viewing of streams better.

Tr oct bitrate

When the content creator (person filming) has lower internet quality, the bitrate now goes to the most stable point and not necessarily the highest streaming quality point. This ensures that there are less breaks in broadcast and that the stream quality is consistent throughout the event being streamed.

Tr oct scoreboard return

Clicking the back arrow on the scoreboard now takes the content creator to the recording interface. This ensures that the content crestor does not accidentally get taken out of the app, as was the case before.

Tr oct viewers

The content creator is now able to see how many people are watching the event.

Manual Bitrate

Content creators are now able to switch off the auto-bitrate function under the account settings. By doing this they can then select the bitrate they see fit for filming their livestream.

Tr oct mute

If the content creator uses the mute button in the Joymo Share app there is now a better indicator to viewers that the event is muted and not the devices that they are watching the content on.

Tr oct unavailable

For archived videos, we now display an error message so that the viewer knows that the video is no longer available to be viewed.

Tr oct chromecast

Viewers can now cast from their device to a TV to enhance the viewing experience.