Tech roundup sep hero

Tech Round Up September 2022

Here’s what our team has been working on to make both the streaming of content and the accessing and viewing of streams better.

Tech roundup sep one click login

We have introduced single- tap login so that you can easily signup/ login and start using Arena with your Google Account.

We’ve also introduced the option to access Arena using your Facebook account.

Both of these login additions, are aimed at alleviated the “multiple

With the introduction of these two logins, we are also expecting to reduce the cognitive load of having to remember multiple passwords from the users.

Beach handball scoreboard

A custom-built scoreboard for beach-handball, has been made.

Welcome board

New users by default will see some quick actions to help them get started. Quick actions include our guide to succeeding with broadcasting, how to to add streamers, and how to create a stream.

Scoreboard timer updates

At the request of our customers, we have now made it possible to display only the period or the quarter without having to show the exact time. This alleviates the burden of having to start and stop the time for sports that have many timer breaks (like basketball for instance).

Scoreboard colour updates

You can now use your teams colour as the scoreboard colour. This new addition is a great extension of your team’s brand identity.

Stream on!