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Tech Roundup - November

We’re closing in on 2021, but our tech team is moving full steam ahead with ensuring that the Joymo user and viewer experience is a seamless and easy journey.

Here’s a look at the updates completed in November.

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We’ve included a more integrated landing for the viewers.

This means that viewers can find their tickets quicker and easier than before. Your active tickets will be displayed on the homepage of Arena, for you to access quickly.

Clicking on any of the active tickets will take you directly to watch the event.

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Additionally, viewers can now access their tickets on the new “My Tickets” page.

This dedicated page has a list of all your ticket purchases and gives you quick access to the games that you have previously streamed. The page can be found under the navigation menu in the top left corner.

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Need answers using Joymo? Well we’ve enabled a chatbot functionality to help you sort out any problems you may have. The chatbot also features a live chat functionality, where you can directly ask us any questions.

It also has a knowledge base which links to all the help articles that we have written to help you when you get stuck. The chatbot also features a live chat functionality, where you can directly ask us any questions. You can expect a response within a day.

For our existing customers who have all your events organized in a spreadsheet, we have a solution for you. You can easily import all of your events in your schedule by just sending us the events. We will do all the heavylifting. Get in touch today to find out more by sending an email to

We’re working on a redesigned Joymo arena that is focused on ease of discovery and watching events. This includes the addition of a search bar to help you find events easily.

We are also working on redesigning the Share App that will improve event management, scoreboard, filming and event management.

Do you have suggestions on improvements, new features or how we can better customise our streaming service for your sport? Please get in touch.