Tech roundup oct hero 1

Tech Roundup - October

Here is a look at the developments that have been made in the Joymo world in the past month.

These developments are aimed at making the user experience and the viewer experience simple and easy.

Test events 1

Content creators now have the ability to create 'Test Events'. Test events are more streamlined as content creators no longer have to set up a regular event and use that as a test stream.

When setting up a test event the user only needs to select: their team, the method of filming (Joymo Share App or Joymo Connect), the start time, and duration (test event streams are limited to a 15 minute duration).

Once the stream is scheduled it is automatically set as private which means that these events are not openly available on Joymo Arena.

The content creator will have to explicitly send the link to someone in their team/ crew to be able to watch it.

Test event streams are limited to a maximum duration of 15 minutes and will automatically archive 2 hours after completion. If the content creator doesn’t use the test stream, i.e. no data is received on the stream, then it is automatically archived directly after it is scheduled to finish.

Share screen 1

The share screen at the end of an event creation setup has been redesigned to ensure the user knows how to copy and share the links.

The options to embed the video onto a team website are only shown if the user chooses the option to embed.

Standard resolution options for the embedded window have also been added.

Transfer ownership step1

A channel owner can now transfer the ownership of a channel to another user that also has admin rights to the channel.

The new owner will receive an email that states that the ownership of the channel is being transferred to them.

Transfer ownership step2

To accept the transfer the new owner will need to provide their name, phone number, and payment details. Once this is done the transfer becomes authorised.

Change package

Channel owners can now upgrade or downgrade the channel subscription, however, only the owner of the channel is eligible to perform this task.

Channel owners are able to choose from any of the available packages.

To downgrade a subscription the channel must meet the requirements of the package they are moving to, i.e. number of concurrent streams, members, etc cannot exceed the limits of the new package.

We are redesigning Joymo Arena to make it a better user experience for the viewers. We are also working on features aimed at increasing monetisation options via adverts.

Do you have suggestions on improvements, new features or how we can better customise our streaming service for your sport? Please get in touch.