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Tech Roundup - July

A new month means a host of new improvements to make the Joymo experience all the more user friendly, reliable and of course, still safe and secure.

A seamless user and viewer journey is always our goal and upgrading the nuts and bolts ensures that we are prioritising a hassle-free live streaming experience for all.

This month product development has focused on sending content creators notifications.

The value of a reminder in an app-based world is undeniable; sometimes priorities pile up or fall by the wayside. Our team has now developed a way to make sure that the content creator keeps their channel top-of-mind.

Notifications mockup 1a

Notifications are also sent to the content creator 2 hours before a stream is set to go live so all the necessary final preparations can be made before the sporting action kicks off on the stream.

Thirdly, a content creator will be sent a notification when they have not started their stream at the time that they said they would.

This notification also states that those who have bought tickets to watch the stream will be refunded by Joymo, as a result of the non-start of the stream.

Early August will see more exciting new updates to our existing features.

We believe in the importance of a fulfilling user experience for the content creator as that plays a great part in making the viewing experience enjoyable too. In other words, the fewer technical concerns there are for the content creator, the more the content creator is able to focus on making the stream a visually appealing production.

With that in mind these are the upcoming features that you can expect to see in August:

Signal strength notifications 1a

There will be better indicators to show you the strength of your internet connection. We have introduced a WiFi-like icon which will change colour, based on the quality of your internet.

Green= Good internet connection quality

Yellow= Average internet connection quality

Red= Poor internet connection quality

In addition, we have improved the algorithms that adjust the resolution of your stream, automatically.

Streaming at 1080p gives the best viewing experience for the viewers. Joymo Share streams at 1080p by default. However, if your internet connection is poor, the stream resolution will drop to 720p, 480p or 360p.

End stream 1a

It will now be possible to end an event directly from the app. We will be introducing an “End Stream” button, which gives you the option to end a stream.

In case your event ends 20-30mins ahead of schedule, “End Stream” will actually end the stream, instead of keeping your stream on standby. This will result in a better viewing experience.

We are open to your suggestions on how we can better improve the Joymo experience. This includes your thoughts on what features we can look at upgrading/including

Please don't hesitate to get in touch! Stream on!