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Tech Roundup - June 2021

In this monthly blog we bring you a summary of key releases over the last 30 days and a sneak peak of what is coming up in the 30 next.

Summer is here and so are some great new features! As we see sports returning in a lot of countries the demand for streaming and ways to capture and share content is reaching new heights. Keep your eyes on the ball and keep on reading as this time we are giving you some exciting updates and a brand new way to connect with your online audience and the Joymo platform.

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We encourage you to take ownership and responsibility of the value of your content. Realise ambition. Realise possibilities. Realise the importance of taking control and utilise the opportunities that lie within the totality of your sport, market and streaming. With that ability to build and grow your online audience yourself comes the importance of creating great content for your viewers. That also means that we need to equip you with sufficient ways of producing.

We already make it super easy to stream all teams, athletes, games and events by giving you the option of using equipment you already have - your mobile or tablet with the Joymo Share app. But sometimes you might need to cover a larger track, you might want to get a bird's-eye shot, add complex layers or do multi camera productions - some events call for high-end, professional production. That is why we built Joymo Connect.

Streaming with camera pro

Joymo Connect enables you to use your existing camera equipment and stream to your Joymo channel. Which means that you can basically use any camera that connects to the internet to stream with our platform. You can capture the extreme with a GoPro, use cameras you have already invested in, or hire someone to film and produce important events. You can connect IP cameras (a video camera with a built-in RTMP video encoder) directly, or use a mixing software to connect other devices and enhance the viewing experience.

Joymo Connect gives you the opportunity to create fantastic content and secure the income from your online events. With Joymo Connect you are streaming on a safe and secure platform, this means you own the content and no data is being sold to 3rd parties. You can provide your audience with great production and at the same time bring in revenue from both advertisement and ticket sales.

Let us give you an example of a set up that keeps your hands on the wheel and your fans excited. You are doing a larger event and want to do high-end production:

  1. Schedule the streams, and you will be provided with a RTMP URL and Stream Key that connects your feed to the Joymo platform

  2. Embed the stream to your website with Joymo Play so viewers can watch it there

  3. Add sponsor spots to the livestreaming part of your website and pre-roll ads to your streams (remember that you get all the income from that)

  4. Sell ppv, vod, season passes, tournament passes - the tickets of your choice (remember that you get income from that as well)

  5. Go Live. Use the camera equipment of your choice to film the event and choose if you want to use a mixing software to add graphics, scoreboards, toggle between cameras, do replays - anything you need to create a high end production

  6. Let Joymo handle customer service, ticket processing, and payments

You might be familiar with creating high end productions, streaming for example on YouTube, or maybe this is completely new to you. But if you need any help using Joymo Connect, want to get started, or have any questions - don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more on how to set this up.

There are a lot of options and possibilities to consider when you want to use a mixing software. Some are free to use and some have paid options. Most also have a free trial version. Among the most popular ones you will find vMix, OBS Studio,Wirecast and VidblasterX. Take some time to consider your options, figure out what your needs are and make sure that the one you choose covers it all.

Fans cheering

We have a lot of great features that will be worked on and released over the next few weeks. Here are some of the updates that you can expect:

As previously announced - Joymo is truly going global. Having broadcasters from 17 countries streaming over 40 different sports has required somewhat of an architectural leap. Joymo is a live platform, meaning that latency needs to be low regardless of whether you’re broadcasting from the UK, Kenya, Australia, or the United States. Technically this required that videos are processed in your region, with very low latency, and delivered in high quality. For you this means that you can give your audience a great, high quality online sports experience - in real-time, no matter your location.

This is a long awaited feature requested by a lot of Joymo broadcasters - it will now be possible to start a stream before the start of the event. This means that there is no need to edit the stream if you want to go live before you originally planned, and you can also test the quality from the venue on the actual stream you will be using for the event.

Your content - your advertising rights. You get all the income from sponsorship deals connected to the advertising you want to show on your streams. We don’t place any ads on anything you produce. Up until now there has been just one sponsor and ad connected to each event, but that is changing. As most streamers have more than one sponsor you should of course be able to show off several partners connected to an event. You can now add multiple videos and they will be spread out evenly to the viewers. Reach out to your sponsors and let them know that you have a streaming audience, a high value and high interest target audience, and a unique possibility for them to connect with your fans.

Do you have suggestions on improvements, new features or how we can better customize our streaming service for your sport? Please get in touch.