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Why do we play sport? Why do we watch sport?

That feeling of achievement can be anything from the immediate thrill of winning a game to completing a long term goal such as running a marathon

There are many different answers to these two questions but in most cases the word enjoyment comes up repeatedly as the main motivation. Sport taps deeply into our emotions as well as the mere physical enjoyment. For this reason it is also why we all want to share these experiences with others. Whether you are a weekend warrior engaging with your circle of friends and family after an obstacle race, or an elite athlete with dreams of your achievements being broadcast to a global audience at an Olympics, sharing those sporting moments brings joy (or pain) to all of those who are emotionally invested in our progress.

So in this post lets strip things back to opportunities to share that joy on a universal level as Joymo gives us the power to be the content creators on our terms.

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We all love to connect with others around common passions and now there is the chance to share that joy of sport and open out discussions around this. If your youth teams could watch their games afterwards and relive their best (and worst) moments, how much more spirit would this build?

We are not talking about the dreaded video sessions the day after the game which are too often like verbal punishment beatings from the coaching staff.

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Your ‘Grassroot TV’ channel can be a chance to relive the game in a social and socially distanced setting as a group. Watch the match and hear the conversation and laughter grow.

That feeling can be anything from the immediate thrill of winning a game to completing a long term goal such as running a marathon. As a player you can record that moment and save it for posterity or you can share it with family and friends via the Share app. Your siblings or teammates may make snide comments but deep down we all like to bask in the achievements of our peers and loved ones.

Perhaps you are a youth team coach? You can make a player feel a million dollars by reminding them of their best moment. Watch their motivation levels soar at the next training session.

Now they do not have to fade or fool as you have that library of content is available on Joymo to remind you of the good and bad moments of your sporting life. Perhaps you need to revisit that midweek drubbing in order to dispel those negative emotions? Our mind likes to play tricks on us, usually as a way to protect us from further pain but many times it prevent us from evaluating things in a balanced way. Did you play like a legend or a leg end?

So, to summarise, across the sporting spectrum from grassroots through to elite you can amplify that Joy of sport by using the Joymo.

You can dip repeatedly into that well of emotions that are generated from those experiences on the sports pitch or arena.

Joymo can provide you with a hub for that content in a way that was not accessible before. Effectively that iceberg of sporting activity across your club/team/association can now be visible to all. That is invaluable in analytical and data terms but much more than that, it brings the joy of sports to all.