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How to make watching sport an immersive experience

Any sports lover will agree that watching sport can be one of the most compelling and emotional- rollercoaster rides around.

Sport is a social activity. The unpredictability of it all leaves you on the edge of your seat, clutching the person next to you, pulling at your hair, biting your nails or tugging at your heartstrings.

The effects of the pandemic on crowds sitting pitch-side has pivoted.

With the content you create from the games you livestream, you can build even more connection points with the audience watching.

In a time where viewers have now been watching sport online, more than ever before, it’s not surprising that many are turning to online streams to access their favourite sports matches and events.

As the world continues to open up, social gatherings are becoming possible again – and watching at a friend’s house is fast becoming the preferred option to, say, going out to a bar.

A recent study taken in the United States shows that 3 in 10 sports fans in the USA watch sports on their phones. viewing content via mobile, has hit the big time. The numbers show that 3 in 10 sports fans now viewership has hit the big time – 3 in 10 sports fans now watch sports this way.

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Grow audiences - For millions of fans around the world, getting to a match might never be possible. Streaming your games still brings them the action, by immersing them into a stadium while being at home.

Build and strengthen fan loyalty - Create more in-depth pieces of content that enhance the relationship between player and fan.

Heighten engagement - Inspire and excite audiences by sharing your club’s history through a virtual tour of where the game you are streaming is taking place, before showing them the view of the pitch from their seat.

Coaching training

Transform your training - Create a space where coaches and players can live out real life game scenarios and develop their athletes.

Connect communities - Supporters can still feel connected to one another as they watch the stream, from different parts of the world. An online community of supporters of your team can be built where they can rant and rave about the game as if they were physically at the game.