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Because You’re Worth it

You are, you know? I’m talking to you... Badminton, Hockey, Gymnastics, Indoor Hockey, Softball, Diving, Handball, Fencing, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Dodgeball and all the sports out there who can’t solely rely on central funding sources and big rights sales and sponsorship deals.

Just because you’re a little bit smaller than the (wonderful) behemoth of football, and just because no one (yet) has offered to buy your media rights, it doesn’t mean live broadcasting of your games and tournaments should be given away for free. In fact, we at Joymo make a case for the exact opposite.

Whilst social media and free video platforms can be a great way to connect with your audience, it doesn’t mean they are the best way to draw out the real value of your fan base and your content.

Joymo firmly believe that there is an audience for everyone and, as individuals, we are willing to pay for, and support, the things we love.

Loyal fans

As a way of sparking passion, sport has few rivals and that isn’t exclusive to the elite level; the peak of the sporting pyramid. In fact, we find that the people who care the most about supporting their team or club are those who are most closely invested, be they players, coaches, parents, volunteers, fans or businesses in the local community. This is where the bonds are strongest, if not necessarily the largest.

When it comes to streaming your games, matches, or competitions you don’t need to be watched by thousands of people to make it worthwhile or profitable. But, if you rely solely on free streaming services then you’ll never know what the potential can be. And what streaming can provide to your sport. It requires a leap of faith, but trust yourself and your fans.

Invest in streaming

Even the world’s biggest and most popular sports face an identity crisis with the constant talk of changes to formats and competitions, the increasing power of broadcasters and the eternal search for younger audiences who are increasingly looking elsewhere for entertainment. This is natural evolution and will impact all sports at all levels.

In the aftermath of Covid-19, it’s never been more important for sport to innovate in order to survive and thrive. Technology has a huge role to play and what better way to inspire participants by being able to provide them with footage of them doing what they love. Let’s be honest, while we all play for the love of the game, we also play for the glory and accomplishments. The opportunity to watch and share a match winning shot, a crucial goal, a piece of individual skill or a team in perfect unison is a brilliant way to engage your players and attract new ones.

Team concentrate

Many sports are experiencing a situation where games and matches are being broadcast but disparately, without control, and without a centralized strategy for collating viewing numbers, viewers interests, average viewing length. This is critical data for a sport to understand.

  • How many people are watching and why?
  • How passionate are they about the sport they are watching? Why are they passionate about this sport?
  • How much would they be willing to pay to watch if they knew their money went back to the sport they love?

Imagine if Sports Rights Holders, and even leagues, clubs and teams, could start consolidating their live content into one platform uniquely designed to give this value back to the sport. This is what Joymo is all about.

Bring your live content together and you’ll be amazed by how many passionate fans you have out there and how desperate they are to help you on succeed. You’re worth it for them and they are more than worth a good quality livestream of the sport they love.