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Sport Industry Awards 2021 Shortlist


Last week Joymo HQ was a buzz with the news that we’d been shortlisted for the Sport Industry Awards in the ‘Cutting Edge’ category. The one for the gamechangers. Those who’ve gone beyond themselves, broken new boundaries, thought differently or brought in new ideas or technology.”

This is a great milestone for the company given the calibre of organisations and brands that are shortlisted across the board in all categories, and the general regard with which these particular awards are held by the wider industry.

It’s another validation that both what we do, and our direction, is right.

We strongly believed that already of course, and we know that our content creators do, but it’s always good when a panel of distinguished experts from the sports industry agree too.

Now you may wonder what is cutting edge about our approach given that there are many livestreaming platforms on the market?

Well, it’s a number of things actually.

Safe secure streaming

Joymo has developed a fully secure end-to-end video platform with built-in features to make it easier for the Channel Owners to safeguard their athletes.

The content is safely stored, and access levels are managed and controlled by the Channel Owner, where distribution through a paywall is possible.

As a Channel Owner, you’re in control. Choose to make your content visible for all, or hide it, so it can be accessed and viewed by invitation only.

Downloads are only possible through permissions from players and athletes - which means your content will never end up in unwanted places.

Data ownership

With Joymo, you are the Channel Owner in its entirety. You own your data, and the recordings made from events filmed through our system, unless other agreements state otherwise.

We will never sell your content to third parties - like gambling companies - or place advertising, against your will, on your content like social media companies. It’s your data and you control it and how to monetise it.


We put safeguarding front and centre, so our clients can focus on producing quality content.

We’re here to make privacy obligations (and in the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation) understandable and user friendly for the content creators, organisers and participants of all sports at all levels.

We help content creators manage their data in a safe, secure and compliant way at every stage of their streaming journey.

Tickets ads

A key component that makes Joymo a game changer is the ability to monetise your content directly by using our in-built payment system to sell digital tickets on a pay-per-view basis or longer-term bundle. You may also sell advertising and sponsorship on your content.

You may have read about Facebook’s plan to turn its live online events product into a pay-per-view option for sports leagues broadcasting games on the platform.

We’ve been doing this for years and we do it safely and securely without any additional fees, sharing of data to third-parties or making money from advertising on your content, like social media companies do. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and we in Joymo are completely open and transparent on both the menu and the list of ingredients.

On top of the above, you can rest assured: we never stand still when it comes to our product development, with safeguarding at its core.

As we recently outlined, we are constantly adding features, customising the service for different sports and countries and looking at ways to enhance the user experience – for viewers, broadcasters, sponsors and advertisers.

We are incredibly proud to be shortlisted for this award and we thank the Sport Industry Group, the judging panel and the category sponsor - PT SportSuite - for their endorsement.

We have been doing this for four years already, and still in 2021 this is “Cutting Edge.” For the Market, this is the start. For us, this is lap 2, and we are shaving our time for each lap.

Play on!