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Tech Roundup - April 2021

When growing a tech company and streaming service for all sports, implementation of new technology and development is key. We are constantly adding features, customizing the service for different sports and countries, wanting to enhance the user experience – for both viewers and broadcasters.

In this monthly blog we are bringing you a summary of key releases over the last 30 days and a heads up on what you can expect for the 30 next. This is Joymo 30/30.

New releases

So, what have we been up to? We are looking back on a record amount of releases over the last 30 days. We will focus on 3 major ones:

We have released the possibility of embedding the livestreams directly to your own website. The player can be resized to fit your landing page. What is great is that viewers will never have to leave your website during the process, making it a smooth viewer experience. Every action, from buying a ticket, to logging in is done within the embedded player.

This is what it means to you. Direct your fans to your website to increase traffic, and to better understand and grow your streaming audience with website analytics. You can keep it simple and add streams to a section or article, or go full out and create your own livestream universe.

How does it work? When you create a stream you will be presented with a code as the last step. Add the code to your website and you are ready to go.

Chromecast viewers

The possibility of casting Joymo-streams to TV’s has been a longing for a lot of viewers. It is here and it works great.

This is what it means to you. Great viewing experience is a common goal for you as a broadcaster and Joymo. Let your audience know that the feature exists. Happy viewers are returning viewers. It’s all about growing your base.

How does it work? Plug in your chromecast. Cast. Enjoy.

Arena shots

The platform has been through a makeover in both design and how you manage your channel and streams. Easy on the eye. Easy to use.

This is what it means to you. Streams are sorted in a new way, making it super easy to access to correct one. Players and trainers can find their own games in no time and it is easy for you to share both upcoming streams and replays with your audience. You can add your logo to your channel and adding teams, players, trainers and streamers has never been easier.

How does it work? Log into your account in Arena and have a look!

Coming up

Here’s a sneak peek on what we will be working on and upcoming releases in the next 30 days.

  1. New and improved built in scoreboards
    We are customizing several new built in scoreboards for different sports.

  2. Website launch
    We are launching our new website with a focus on stories from our community and promotions of your events.

  3. Embedding channels
    You can already embed single livestreams. Next step – embed your whole channel

Do you have suggestions on improvements, new features or how we can better customize our streaming service for your sport? Please get in touch.