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Building connections with fans through your own content

Ardent sports fans eat, breathe, sleep their love of the game well beyond matchday.

The passionate supporters yearn for MORE, and this makes the option for added content very high and lucrative.

Major broadcasters have provided fans with behind-the-scenes access to teams, coaches, and players and highlights from games played.

Teams can build their fanbase and connect these fans to the sports they love while also having full ownership and creating revenue for their clubs.

Due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic sports organisations have had to find new ways to connect with fans, and social media became the key channel.

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Teams, irrespective of level, can cater to fans who use their social media platforms as a source of content. We’ve seen how digital content has been consumed in excess at this time and the learnings are that teams that create their own content can build their audience base beyond matchday.

Like other content on social media, sports content is geared heavily toward video. Joymo gives all sports clubs/federations/athletes the opportunity to create and monitise their own content.

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The financial prospects for brands and sponsors is unmistakable; as over half of sports fans who use social media to follow sports also use social media to discover new brands and products to buy.

Many users are regularly visiting company social media pages or watching branded videos, and live stream viewership, in particular, has gained great viewership from sports fans.