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We've been shortlisted for a Sports Pro OTT Award

What a way to kickstart October!

We are honoured to share the news that we have been nominated in the Best Emerging Tech Company Category at the Sports Pro OTT Awards.

This category is for companies that deliver technological solutions to help the industry with key technological challenge(s); creating a gap between itself and the competition and demonstrates influence in the OTT industry.

Created with a global focus in mind, The SportsPro OTT Awards celebrate the pioneers of sports broadcasting; across production, distribution, monetisation, direct-to-consumer. The awards give a nod to the most creative and inspiring uses of technology across 14 categories.

This is a significant acknowledgement for Joymo as a company. Despite the 2020-2021 challenges, we are proud to have pushed on and streamed on at a time when many sporting events were halted.

“We are proud and excited to be shortlisted for a SportsPro OTT Award. At Joymo, our focus is helping rights holders unlock their content in an efficient, scalable and sustainable way. That drives our business; from product development to our people and our sales and partnership strategies. We are delighted that the growth and development of Joymo’s platform and brand in the last 12 months has once again been recognised by SportsPro. The collective work of our people during this period has been outstanding and this is a great reward for all of our teammates”, says Joymo CEO, Mike Emery.

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Joymo allows teams to stream their sports events and keep that content safe and secure.

Teams are able to generate income through adverts when they stream games and sell tickets to their adoring fans.

The ownership of the content remains in the hands of the clubs - we will never sell your content to third parties. It’s your data and you control it and how to monetise it.

Joymo also gives customers the ability to choose to make their content visible for all or hide it, so it can be accessed and viewed by invitation only, which means your content won’t end up where you don’t want it to.

Coaches and players are able to access their content through what we call ‘Athlete Access' - a feature that helps track a players development.

“Finally, I’d like to thank our growing list of clients and partners for their trust, support and collaboration – this success simply wouldn’t be possible without them”, adds Emery.

Ours is a platform that champions the athletes and teams to go for gold! Stream on!