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Lancashire FA scoring with Joymo

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In 2021 Lancashire FA partnered, exclusively, with Joymo to start broadcasting their County Cup Finals; and the partnership is growing from strength to strength.

To date, the veteran football association has streamed over 1900 minutes of football, using Joymo’s pioneering live video streaming platform to make their games accessible to fans, either live or on demand.

Lancashire FA runs a number of county cup competitions, across senior and junior men’s and women’s football. It is home to close to 50 leagues, amongst those being the Blackburn & District Football Combination, Wigan & District Amateur League and the North Lancashire & District Football League.

Streaming games on Joymo not only widens the net to capture audiences beyond the Lancashire boundary but provides teams in the Lancashire FA leagues with added revenue streams; through digital ticket sales and integrated advertising on the live stream.

As the partnership between Lancashire FA and Joymo gains momentum, viewers can look forward to over 20 games lined up to be streamed on Joymo for the 2021/22 County Cup finals.

Speaking on the partnership, David Chell, Head of Commercial and Operations said:
“Our partnership with Joymo allows us to use their technology and platform in Clubs and Leagues across Lancashire; and provide them with revenue generation opportunities in addition to showcasing their games. So whether you are in Birmingham, Barcelona or Perth,fans, parents and partners can all watch a live stream of each game.

For our 2022 County FA Cup Finals we are filming all Finals and in conjunction with Joymo these are then being live streamed on Joymo. We have received great feedback from our earlier finals and look forward to working with Joymo on all of our finals in the next 4-6 weeks.
We have seen a really good uptake; as a partner the Joymo team is great to work with.”

Joymo Partnership Development Manager Steve Thomas added: “We are delighted to be working with Lancashire FA to enable the broadcast of County Cup matches; bringing Youth, Girls, Boys and Senior level football to our platform.

Ticket sales from these matches are delivering a revenue stream that supports Lancashire FA and their respective clubs. To have over 20 games being streamed on the Joymo platform, throughout the most exciting later stages of County Cup action since March through to April and May is an important milestone for us”.

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