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England Netball Premier League Teams shooting for the stars with Joymo Share App

One of the main objectives of Joymo is the empowerment of teams, from the grassroots to the elite. We provide an accessible point of entry for teams to take ownership of their sport and best engage their audiences.

Our Share App enables teams to record their games easily and broadcast their games to their family, friends and supporters.

The overall production process consists of these incremental pillars and is achievable with the Joymo Share App:

  • optimal technical quality of the stream output
  • commentary and analysis
  • entertainment value to increase engagement, for example: pre and post-match interview

An example of grassroots teams that are achieving the above and doing so using the Joymo Share App are England Netball’s Premier League teams.

The Premier League is the top-level amateur competition in England. It has been running since the 2006/2007 season when Divisions 1 and 2 were launched. The league was then expanded in 2010/2011 with the introduction of the 3rd division.

The teams that form the three divisions come through the county regional and national ranks to claim their space amongst the 30 coveted placements in the Premier League.

Over the last 2 months, 15 teams across the 3 divisions have been streaming their games on englandnetball.tv, to 1000’s of viewers.

The step to stream games is a new venture for the teams, and they certainly are taking it in their stride.

Two teams that have been elevating their production levels on england netball.tv, using the Joymo Share App are Eagles and Ryland, both in Division 3.

Duncan and Desreen Nightingale, who are parents to twins in the Eagles Prem team, have been working together on the production of the Eagles home games. Duncan handles the technical aspects and Desreen does the voiceovers and interviews.

Speaking on the streaming experience Duncan said; "Using Joymo streaming has been a tremendous boost for Eagles Netball Club. As first time entrants to 'The Prem' and with a large base of interested younger players, the club has found this a great way to share our progress with all members.

Another club, Ryland, has also elevated their streams by adding commentary to engage viewers. Ryland Coach Cath Pullen said: “We are loving streaming the games at Ryland. It gives those who can’t travel the opportunity to watch some live high level netball.

With such a young squad this season, it’s great to be able to give them the platform to show what they can do at a national level against players who may already be playing in the super league franchises.

“I find the app very easy to use now we’ve done a few live streams and adding in the commentary was very straight forward. I would definitely encourage all the Premier League teams to start streaming their matches,” she added.

Commenting on the progress of the Premier League teams, Joymo Partnerships Manager Torill Lunde said: "We are so impressed with how quickly the teams got onboarded. The turnaround time between onboarding and broadcasting was short and we are happy with how the teams are improving, week on week”.

As the season progresses, we’re positive that all the clubs will continue to elevate the production level of their games.