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CEO POV - Why unlocking your ‘Home of Sport’ is key to the future

We talk a lot about building a digital ‘home’ or ‘hub’ for a sport, federation, team or competition. But, beyond the marketing speak, what does that actually mean, why is it important to you as a rights holder, and do you really need one?

Since Joymo was formed in late-2017, much has changed in the digital media space and our product, technology, and business model is no exception. However, Joymo's mission to connect sports fans with the content they love and help rights holders unlock the value of said content, remains unchanged.

They are a variety of ways these aims can be realised across the Joymo product range but in the last 18 months, our focus has been on working with sports organisations to build a single destination for all of their content incorporating a full service end-to-end media streaming platform that incorporates live streaming, content management, data ownership, and analytics.

It sounds great, doesn’t it? But what does it really mean and how does it deliver value to your organisation?

The theory is pretty simple. We create a content ecosystem - built around live streaming, but integrating any and all content a rights holder might produce - in a single destination, so that fans know they only need to go to one platform for everything they will ever want to watch or read associated with that sport at all levels of competition, from grassroots to elite

From a fan perspective, it makes consumption - at a time when content availability and discoverability is driving viewing habits - easier than ever. That, in turn, helps build a deeper connection with your core fanbase who, in theory, become more and more ‘sticky’ i.e. their fandom and loyalty become stronger.

For the rights holder - many of whom are under increasing pressure to retain (and grow) their fan bases and overall participant numbers in their sports, at a local and national level - that stickiness pays back through the data that fans are willing to share, the money they are willing to spend and the advertising opportunity that this unlocks for sponsors.

The beauty of a bespoke and managed platform is the freedom and control that you have to shape the user experience. From branding, to advertising, content creation management, and live production values. We help you deliver the best experience to your fans.

And not just the fans, a central content hub reimagines ways that players, coaches, scouts and more engage with their sport. Whilst there is a clear commercial benefit in realising a direct-to-consumer strategy, there is a human one too.

Your own hub is totally complementary to what you may already do on social media, which remain fantastic marketing channels for your content. Just not the optimum ones for sharing and selling live content.

I’m not going to wax lyrical about all the functionality and support Joymo can offer here but I would urge you to look at our product page and read about our relationships with Basketball Ireland and Table Tennis England to see the direction of travel and the ambition we have for our partnerships.

We believe that gaining control over your IP, content and data in one unified hub,whilst unlocking the value of their content through the sale of subscriptions and/or Pay-Per-View tickets and customizable advertising solutions, is going to be the future for sports rights holders at all levels.

For us, the future is now. Are you ready to join the Joymo revolution?