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3 steps to increase your viewer numbers during Covid

Sport in a mid-Covid and post-Covid world is going to see some big changes in Direct-to-Consumer broadcasting. Digital adoption has taken a quantum leap over the last year, creating new user habits, demands and opportunities.

What we see is that for a long period of time sport will come back but with restrictions on spectators and in many cases no fans attending at all. Which means reaching and engaging with fans through livestreaming is here to stay and it’s probably more important than ever.

If you have already jumped on the trend and started livestreaming, you might have come to the stage where you ask yourself; What can I do to increase viewer numbers? Then you have ended up in the right place! Here are 3 suggestions on how to engage and connect with friends, family and fans during Covid to increase your online audience.

Share match social

You need to let your fans know about your broadcasts. Make sure you promote your events on all online platforms before going live. Every time.

This can be done by scheduling newsletters, creating promotional posts on instagram, email and social media marketing or link to the channel and livestreams on your website.

Friends, fans, parents, grandparents and other relatives and leaders in the team have a great interest in being able to watch your games. These are the ones you should focus on informing in the first place. But other important people could be scouts, referees and potential sponsors.

Family members and fans of the opposing team are usually also very interested in getting the opportunity to watch the games. Utilize Joymo’s built-in feature allowing you to send a notification to the opposing team when scheduling a stream in our system. Encourage them to share the link to the game on their online platforms as well. This way the stream gets double exposure.

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When anyone makes a great play, fantastic goal or an obscure situation occurs – let fans and family know by sharing. Livestreaming makes it possible to showcase superstars on all levels. Even when live sports are on hold, fans are hungry for content.

The athletes are the stars of your content. Make them stars of sharing it as well!

Involve, engage and motivate your players and athletes to help you in reaching an even bigger audience. Taking the example of 20 players on 10 teams with 500 followers each = your potential reach goes from just your own followers to 100.000. Whatever the size and structure of your club or sport, this is a great way to grow your viewing numbers and make livestreaming an integrated part of your culture.

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Happy viewers are returning viewers. Make sure your livestreams are easy to find, easy to access and enjoyable to watch. Consider adding a livestreaming section to your website, linking to upcoming livestreams and replays. Create season passes and make it easy for viewers to purchase and access all streams and content.

Finding ways to make your broadcasts more professional and creative than it currently is could give you a boost as well. Can you do pre and post game interviews with players and coaches? Could viewers vote for player of the day and win a prize? Adding commentary to the livestreams will definitely enhance the viewing experience. Make sure to use the built-in scoreboard for your sport, giving the stream a professional look and your audience full control of what’s going on in your games and events.

Ensure that the quality of your streams meets the viewers expectations. Use a newer phone or tablet to get the best possible camera resolution. Check the internet connection to have proper speed, so you avoid any delays or lost minutes of action. Make sure to stabilize the picture and position the phone right in regards to height and distance. A small thing like investing in a tripod can do the trick and take the experience to a whole new level.

Joymo can also help you with advertising on your streams by adding pre-game adverts. This way your sponsors get more exposure and you can get an extra income to create even more amazing content for your viewers.

Good luck on increasing your viewer numbers and showcasing your superstars to an even greater audience!