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On OTT, data and audience retention

With viewing habits changing dramatically, sports services will soon be dealing with more audience and platform data than ever before; if they haven't already started to.

If collected and analysed correctly, with the right approach to data analytics, this will encourage fans to trust streaming platforms even more, contributing to the transformation of live sports entertainment.

OTT gives sports teams the opportunity to enhance the fan experience and maintain engagement during sports season and the off-season, in a way that traditional broadcasting doesn't do.

Capitalising on the advantages that OTT offers is crucial for rights holders to pursue sports streaming to create new revenue streams, make engaging content, and to build and retain a more meaningful relationship with fans.

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Joymo's OTT platform gives sports rights holders the opportunity to manage their content and create new revenue streams.

Sports teams need to leverage the data analytics that OTT platforms give them.

By tapping into the data, rights holders can use the sports OTT services to gain a better understanding of how their fans engage with sports.

This insight spills over and it can be used by marketing teams, editorial staff, and content promoters to drive engagement. Not only will this help retain audiences', it will also make it easier to meet the needs of today’s viewers and understand the expectations of the next generation of sports fanatics.

It's especially important in sport because expectations are higher. Fans don’t want to be promoted content that is not relevant to their interests. Or, worse, content about a rival team.

Understanding audience preference and how they consume content is an important step for navigating this. It’s key to targeted personalisation which brings several benefits.

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By taking data from the OTT platform, sports teams can get a more nuanced look at what fans want to watch and when they want to watch it. This knowledge will better serve sports fans, drive loyalty, proactively prevent churn, win-back subscribers who do leave, and increase the ROI on content spend.

By taking content viewing metrics and subscriber behaviour data into account, sports teams can use OTT to navigate the road ahead.

Sports services are going through a period of transformation with the introduction of in-play betting, real-time statistics and other features that build an ecosystem and grow value for rights holders and distribution partners.

Getting the most from this investment means keeping subscribers engaged and an engaged audience builds income, and means loyalty and longevity.