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5 sport technology trends to look out for in the Sports broadcasting world

The sports technology industry is a varied and diverse sector that has overlaps and interconnections across various categories. Here’s a look at current trends.

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The growth of OTT platforms is challenging the traditional relationship between sports leagues and broadcasters. Add social networks, user-generated content, and mobile content apps to the mix and you’ve got a vast new playing field that offers more opportunities for market players.

Wearable tech

Athletes and sports enthusiasts can now analyse their performances, by using sensors.

The data gives the user new ways to evaluate and enhance their performance.

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Stakeholders can use this data in real time during a match, to support athletes and to track fan engagement patterns.

Fan engagement

Fan engagement is an entity in and of itself. Sports teams can use content as a growth strategy that can maximise revenue.

Corporate sponsors are looking beyond traditional sponsorship assets. There’s a need for more direct ways to reach and connect with audiences.

They want channels that are cost effective, highly targeted, and capable of producing measurable outcomes.

By using new digital platforms and advanced analytics, they hope to gain access to the hearts and minds of sport fans, ultimately influencing their consumer presences.

As eSports continues to grow, new commercial opportunities will emerge and scale for top gamers and companies. In addition, it offers sports marketers a new channel for advertising and sponsorship to reach key younger audiences around the world.