Stadium phone mockup 3200x1894 was a finalist in the Reimagine Football Challenge!

Joymo is offering a unique way for the teams to price their content the way they want, can and should!

COVID-19 has affected sports as a whole and is currently still stopping fans from attending games and events. Consequently, Reimagine Football created a challenge that aimed to gather innovative ideas to advance football during the coronavirus pandemic. Joymo´s live streaming platform enables fans to engage with teams and athletes in a safe and secure way, which is particularly relevant during the pandemic. Our goal throughout the pandemic has been to release our automated live streaming camera (LiveCaster Pro) and continue to provide streaming opportunities to clubs with our Joymo Share app.

This has enabled fans to keep watching the sports they love.

This was the question asked by the Football Innovation Platform (consisting of KNVM, UEFA, City Football Group, Johan Cruijff Arena and Ajax). This challenge, named “Reimagine Football”, resulted in 329 submissions of solutions from 38 different countries.

The challenge was taking place over the summer, with the mission of finding the most innovative solutions related to the pandemic.

Reimagine football

Joymo was selected to the final pitch – as one of 8 finalists in the category “Amateur and Recreational Player Engagement.” As one of few streaming companies focusing on creating player opportunities and putting earnings back to the club, Joymo is offering a unique way for the teams to price their content the way they want, can and should.

Along with the other finalists our tech is being considered for implementation at stadiums all across Europe. Joymo Share is ready to implement worldwide, and having the main focus on all of the clubs and teams out there, our ambitions for football teams and clubs is that they can use their video content to:

  1. Create player opportunities- and revenue for clubs
  2. Use the content for player engagement
  3. Help clubs stay aligned with GDPR

We are proud to be a finalist in the Reimagine Football Challenge. We embrace innovation and we continue to protect the content of the athlete.