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Joymo joins innovative companies to form the Sports Technology Alliance

We are delighted to announce that we are a founding member of the ‘Sports Technology Alliance’; a collective of pioneering technology companies that are driven to design, deliver, and support innovative solutions that enable the growth of sport.

The Sports Technology Alliance is made up of market leaders in their respective fields.

We all share a passion for sport and the philosophy that an integrated approach to the use of technology can support sports organisations in becoming more secure, engaging, and sustainable.

We join the following organisations as founding members of the Sports Technology Alliance:

  • Sport:80 - Sport Business Management Software

  • etrainu - Learning Management

  • Refbook - Officials Management

  • Globocol - Safeguarding & Case Management

  • Rosterfy - Volunteer & Workforce Management

  • CherryHub - Customer Acquisition

  • New Start Mobile - Web and Mobile Applications

  • iSponsor – Fundraising

In forming the Sports Technology Alliance, we recognised that no single technology solution can deliver against a sports organisations’ every need. That’s why we are committed to using our combined expertise to support sports organisations in establishing a highly functional digital ecosystem. In doing so, our aim is to help sports organisations capitalise on significant operational and commercial opportunities made possible using integrated technologies.

Many of the partners already work together and have delivered solutions that reinforce the collective vision. Under the Sports Technology Alliance banner, our aim is to build on this collaboration and make integrated solutions more accessible for sports organisations.

If you would like to find out more about the Sports Technology Alliance and its work, please get in touch by clicking here.