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Connectivity is the Name of the Game

The OTT space creates opportunities and gives sports rights holders the potential to increase revenue streams. OTT is not a replacement for broadcast, but is rather a complement, as the cost of production decreases and it becomes easier and easier to create content.

Connectivity is the name of the game, as such, the sports industry needs to provide fans with engaging content; Joymo allows you to do exactly that.

The OTT world, and namely Joymo, enables teams to create engaging content, build audiences, create revenue, optimally.

Give fans content that they’ve never seen before that gives them the opportunity to learn more about the sport/club and of course the athletes. Create and contain audiences through curated content.

Having access to your viewer numbers in real time means that you are able to get instant feedback on what content works and what does not. In addition, chat functionality/ enabling comments can further drive interaction.

There is no middle man, and this direct-to-consumer relationship means that you are able to truly make the most of the digital landscape and monetise. Sponsors on screen, pre- roll ads can be brought in to drive revenue.

User journeys and consumption patterns help sports rights holders give audiences what they want. Such insight gives teams the foundation to make informed decisions around content, advertising and sponsorship partners, content duration and more.

The most engaging content can help teams see what the most relevant and engaging content is therefore optimising output.

Development and Innovation are sure to continue in the sports industry media space particularly with video being the most engaging and popular medium.

It is however important to keep in mind the need to plug into the latest trends as a way to increase engagement and grow relationships with audiences.