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A 360 degree value add for any sport, powered by Joymo

Joymo TV: Building the home of your sport

We have reimagined the way that sport best engages a desired audience and the result of that is Joymo TV.

This new offering is an expansion of what was Joymo Arena, and marks how our product IP has developed in the livestreaming space over the past 4 years.

Our R&D team in Oslo took learnings from the Joymo Arena offering, as well as market related insights and customer needs to bring to life a content hub that is a full service end-to-end media streaming platform that incorporates live streaming, content management, data capturing and analytics.

With a customer and audience-centric approach, we’ve used open-source technologies to build Joymo TV to satisfy both ends of the livestreaming journey - the content creation/ filming process as well as the viewing experience.

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Our offering is a modern serverless architecture that was specifically tailor made to support the Joymo TV vision, and built using established 3rd party cloud computing services. Our resulting infrastructure is modular, scalable, component driven, and future proof.

With Joymo TV, Sports Rights Holders and NGB’s can broaden and reimagine fan engagement. This is achieved by creating a single destination content hub that has live, on-demand and curated content.

Not only is the Joymo TV platform built for livestreaming but we have also built several data trails and touchpoints. Our detailed data capturing functionality enables us to best understand viewer engagement patterns.

Understanding this data can also help one build tailored viewing experiences for the fans.

Data capturing and analytics enables us to make informed decisions and enable us to best understand viewer watching habits.

Joymo TV enables subscription-based and PPV ticketing models. The platform also allows for additional advertising and branded content opportunities to unlock even more revenue generating prospects.

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Our market related insight and learnings around the scalability of mobile cameras and their processing capabilities, saw us going down the mobile app creation route.

Harnessing the power of the cloud, our app is also with video encoders that are equipped with proprietary bandwidth detection algorithms that adapt the livestreaming bitrate quality based on the internet connectivity. This ensures a clear and consistent viewing experience for the fans.

Joymo connect devices v2

Additionally, it is also possible for content creators to stream content using their own internet-enabled cameras. Joymo Connect is intended to elevate the production capabilities of the events that are getting streamed, by enabling the usage of additional software for post production.

The future is exciting as we can witness major leagues in many sports shift towards direct-to-fan livestreaming platforms.

The shift to creating engaging viewer experiences and capitalising on data is ripe for the picking.

Together, we will deliver a first class OTT viewing experience for you, your athletes and fans.