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Automated Streaming for your Sport

Joymo's LiveCaster Pro - Built to advance broadcasting in sport

Designed to take sports streaming to the next level the Joymo Livecaster Pro allows you to broadcast games and training sessions without the need for a camera person. 

The Livecaster Pro allows you to focus on the match safe in the knowledge that all the action is being captured and livestreamed in beautiful HD video through the Joymo platform.

  • Controlled by a smartphone through the Joymo platform
  • Automatic tracking (AI learning) that follows the action just like a camera person would
  • Fantastic picture quality delivery 40 megapixel lens technology
  • Super wide-angle video that allows installation anywhere
  • Excellent stereo sound to capture the atmosphere at the game
  • Rugged design that ensures a long life
  • Easy attachment to wall, pole or beam
  • Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot to add commentary and scoreboard updates through smartphone app
  • LED lights that show when streaming
  • Power over ethernet for super simple installation with just a single cable
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Interested in taking your broadcast to the next level?