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The CEO's POV - November 2021

Hi, it’s Mike and I’ve been thinking…

While the founding principal of Joymo is about enabling people who can’t be at sport events in person to be able watch live coverage remotely, helping sports teams and clubs create sustainable revenues is also a core part of our DNA.

One of Joymo’s primary products, delivered through our end-to-end streaming service and viewing platform, is the opportunity for rights holders and content creators to distribute their content to fans in exchange for digital ticket sales. This is exciting for rights holders, events, teams and clubs alike but in fact, Joymo’s product goes far beyond this. Let me explain how...

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Joymo’s service has been developed to help deliver at multiple points in the commercial value chain from advertising, merchandise, sponsorship, and data - we are here to help you maximise and monetise to the best of your ability.

Let’s take a local football club who have a traditional front of shirt sponsorship which might provide them with enough cash to purchase the new kit at the start of each season, as an example.

Now, imagine you are able to offer this local business, and several others, the opportunity to feature on pre-roll or pop-ups adverts pre, during and post your streamed games - connecting them to hyper-engaged local audiences.

Not only that, but access to vital user data is provided to the page owner, allowing them to retarget with bespoke services and offers.

Viewed in this context, Joymo is far more than just a platform to host your matches and competitions. While that can still be hugely valuable in itself, to get the most out of Joymo we urge clubs to think differently and envisage the ways the platform can connect the dots between content and revenue opportunities.

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We also still see many smaller federations and clubs give away their content to free social media platforms that then own the data and the advertising income from its viewers.

Joymo values social media as a marketing tool for sports teams, clubs and competitions, but rejects the notion that it should be the place that you give away your IP for free when there is always an audience willing to pay for the content they really want.

Joymo instead gives all the tools to the rights holder - no matter the level of competition - to broadcast directly to their fan base and include ownership of advertising, sponsorship and data. In this model, when the content owners succeed the platform provider succeeds, driving sustainable value for teams.