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Tips to ensure a reliable connection

There are multiple ways to strengthen your connection in advance. Talk to your internet provider if you are experiencing ongoing problems.

How to succeed with livestreaming

  • Ensure you have enough bandwidth to produce a smooth stream.
  • How to test that?
    • Set up a test stream ahead of your event

    • Check different options for internet connection (is there an opportunity for a dedicated Wi-Fi connection?)

  • Inform your fans well in advance that you are livestreaming the event to maximize ticket sales.

  • Make sure you have a good position to film from; elevated with an unobstructed view is usually recommended.

Joymo has got your back

You might worry about what happens if you experience technical difficulties during your broadcast? Don’t worry - Joymo is here to help you!

Did you know that…

  • Joymo has dedicated staff checking the quality of all of the livestreams?
  • Joymo has dedicated staff handling all incoming support enquiries from the fans?
  • Joymo has a generous refund policy: if the quality of your livestream was not of high enough standard, we get in touch with the viewers and in some cases offer a full refund.
  • We have a built-in notification system in the app, giving you an indication of the quality of your internet connection. The Wi-Fi symbol can indicate green, orange and yellow.

Remember: Even if the symbol goes from green to orange - it does not mean that your broadcast is ruined. It only means that the app is making the appropriate adjustments to match the bandwidth available. It might reduce the quality of the livestream for a while, but when the connectivity is back on track (green), your fans will have a clear image again.