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Youth Handball Soaring To New Heights
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Generating income for teams/ leagues, through ticket sales is one of the advantages of using the Joymo platform.

Clubs from the grassroots to elite level, can sell as many tickets as they want, to their supporters, and this income can be used for various things for the clubs.

This past August, was a financially rewarding time for 2 grassroots handball tournaments that were streamed on Joymo. 

One tournament sold over 400 tickets to excited fans. The tournament generated a total revenue of over NOK 74,800 / £6,260 / €7,290 / $8,620.

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The other successful youth handball event that was streamed on Joymo, was a 3 day event that saw a large number of fans watching the live streams in support of their favourite teams.

528 tickets were sold at NOK 129 / £10 / €12.59 / $14.90 per day. The event made a staggering NOK 68,120 / £5,696 / €6,635 / $7,845 in total.

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Joymo Customer Success Manager, Inger Breinholt said “we are so happy that these tournaments kicked off the last few months of the year, in such a positive way."

"It truly is wonderful to see how much support these teams received, and we look forward to more successful events such as these”.

The opportunity to generate income through live streaming sporting events makes Jomyo an obvious choice for clubs of any level, anywhere in the world.

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