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The Norwegian Open brings it on!
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The Norwegian Open cheer event was streamed live on Joymo in November, and what an incredibly successful event it was.

All the cheer, chant, handsprings and heel stretches made for a spectacular that had 1000’s of fans, from 12 different countries including Norway, Denmark, Cyprus, Belgium and the UK, glued to their screens.

The event, held in Oslo Norway, had over 1600 participants and was the first cheer event to be streamed on our Joymo. This certainly proves how this platform can and does work effectively for any sport.

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The 2 day extravaganza was a glittering affair and was a commercial success, with a substantial amount of revenue made.

Speaking about the event, the organiser said: 

"We finally decided to live stream the Norwegian Open for the first time, and we are very happy that we chose the Joymo platform to do so. 

We used the Joymo Connect feature, and the event was filmed by a production company - CS Streaming. Using Joymo, this gave the audience who could not be present at the event a great opportunity to follow the Norwegian Open. 

Good guidance both before, during and after the event made the threshold for streaming low for us as organizers and helped us in creating a successful event."

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Joymo Customer Success Manager, Bjørnar Hansen added:

"To pull off a big event like the Norwegian Open meant prioritising the planning phase.

The common goal was to create a great production that really showed the high standard of the participants and routines, create a great end to end experience for the online audience and make sure it was a commercial success.

We structured the tickets as daypasses giving live access to a full day. With a lot of tickets sold, new sponsorship opportunities for the organising club and a global online audience watching, all parties were very happy with how this event turned out."

At Joymo, we are proud to have content of this calibre being streamed on our platform.

It is case studies like these that prove just what the monetary value of sport; coupled with community engagement and fan loyalty and topped off with a robust marketing campaign, can do.

Bring it on again Norwegian Open, we are cheering you on!