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Livestreaming their National League game allowed Swiss Table Tennis to reach out to all their fans. They could watch the action live, cheer on the star athletes, and never miss a moment.

The Swiss Table Tennis Federation streamed and sold pay-per-view tickets to the National League game between CTT ZZ-Lancy and CTT Meyrin, offering both live and video-on-demand options for viewers who couldn't be in the arena.

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The Bundesliga system was adopted for this league round, meaning the first team to win three matches wins the match. By using the integrated scoreboard they were able to keep viewers updated on the match score throughout the game.

The action was captured by CTT ZZ-Lancy with a phone, placed on a tripod, using the Joymo Share app to go live. The stream was presented both on Joymo Arena and embedded to the federation website for viewers to access it directly on the federation's own home page.

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Half way through the game there was an epic rally which kept the fans (and the Joymo Team) on the very edge of our seats. Check out the clip below: