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In the far west of Norway is a beautiful town called Molde. Surrounded by mountains and fjords, the town is known for its football club and football stars. Borussia Dortmund sensation Erling Haaland learning his trade with Molde F.C.

It’s not just football though that keeps the Molde folk active however. Molde has a fantastic community gymnastics club called Molde Gymnastics and they are a proud and active Joymo user.

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“Now when there are covid limitations at our events, Joymo has been an ideal addition for the absent fans and family, who have very much enjoyed watching from home. Streaming has also allowed for the girls to see their own performance afterwards, which has contributed to reflection and improvement. Finally, it has been a good way for the club to generate an extra / lost income in these hard times”

Rather than cancelling a recent Corona affected event, they decided to use Joymo to livestream to absent fans – parents, grandparents and athletes. Like many sports clubs, these events are important for revenue generation. They would usually sell tickets, cakes and coffees.

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Thanks to Joymo, not only did the event go-ahead, but it also made money for the club and absent fans could be present. Not physically, but could follow all the action, all the time. Molde Turn sold 234 tickers and made 27,000NOK (2,300GBP / 2,600 EUR) and even more important, fans didn’t miss a moment.

The Breakdown


Weekend show – club championship



Streaming method

Joymo Share app - 4 streams, 4 different iPhones and Android Phones

Tickets sold

234 tickets

Total revenue

€2,690 / £2,330 / $3,240


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