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Swimming Event Makes A Splash With Joymo
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A European swimming club has taken to Joymo Connect like fish to water.

The club streamed a 3-day event via Joymo Connect. The action was filmed on a GoPro, and mixing software was also used to create a well-produced and captivating viewing experience.

A great example of how a successful event streamed on Joymo could look like.

As featured in the clip above, the scoreboard function and commentary add a professionalism and entertainment factor to the stream. These additions made for an engaging viewing experience and contributed to what was a truly successful event.

Speaking about the streaming process the organiser of the event said:

“Joymo provided us with a simple and easy to livestreaming solution, which really helped us reach a wider audience. With support from the Joymo team we reached our goals, and everything exceeded our expectations. We also got excellent feedback from those watching the stream.

We we will definitely use the Joymo platform again to reach more people when we have more events.”

The club managed to reach a lot of fans by sending out newsletters and promoting the event across social media.

This lead to the below successful results:

Tickets sold: 60-day passes and 170 weekend passes

Total revenue: $2200 / €1885

Additionally, advertising was added to all of the streams to feature their local sponsors - adding even further commercial value on top of ticket sales.

An event like this is a prime example of what can be achieved when livestreaming with Joymo and paves the way for future swimming events.

Joymo makes it super easy to stream events by offering the option of using equipment most clubs already have - a mobile phone or tablet together with the Joymo Share App.

However, sometimes a club might need to cover a larger track, get a bird's-eye shot, add complex layers or do multi-camera productions - some events call for high-end, professional production- such as this swimming event- and that is why Joymo Connect was built.

Joymo Connect enables clubs to use existing camera equipment and stream using RTMP protocol through the Joymo platform. Sport organisations can provide the audience with a great production and at the same time bring in revenue from both advertisement and ticket sales.

Inger Breinholt from the Customer Success Team at Joymo states:

“It is great to see a club understand and utilise all of the different possibilities within the Joymo offerings. This swimming event shows how a successful event should look like and be executed. The costs to organise and set up the event were minimal, yet the returns were high - which is exactly what livestreaming with Joymo should be setting the stage for. We look forward to seeing more swimming events on the platform."

Are you a club or federation interested in finding out more about livestreaming with Joymo? Please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success Manager Inger at

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