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The void caused by Covid has certainly impacted the sporting world from the professional level down to the grassroots. Many events have been canceled, dashing the excitement of coaches, players and supporters alike.

However, as things slowly but surely begin to ‘open up again’ you can rest assured that with the Joymo App, not even lingering Covid restrictions can keep you from watching your favourite sporting events.

Whether watching live or catching up on an event later, the app ensures that you never miss a moment.

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A heartwarming case-in-point is that of a Leicestershire Running and Athletics Network parent, John Skevington, who was unable to physically attend his son's race.

“…[I] Couldn't watch my kid run today as I was isolating, so it was much to my delight to be able to watch it live on stream”.

Instead of missing out on the event entirely, John was able to support his child, and cheer him on as though he was there in person. “Yeah it was £3.99 but in the grand scheme of things, and how rubbish things have felt during this pandemic, it was so worth it to be able to watch my boy”.

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Your club can do the same! All you have to do is download the Joymo Share App on your phone or tablet, sign up, set up your safe and secure stream in Joymo Arena and sell tickets to the event.

This means that your club is able to have an additional revenue stream with supporters being able to either pay per view, per event, or per season.

And now with Joymo Connect you can use other camera devices and mixing software for high end production, or make use of Joymo's advertising and sponsorships placements to give your content an even more professional edge whilst generating income for your club.

The practical and personal benefits are undeniable; as every sport, every athlete, every coach, every team, every supporter can get involved.