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Konnerud Handball Club had a problem. They wanted to stream their games. They wanted to reach absent fans. They wanted to sell tickets to games. They wanted to make sure that their kids – their athletes – felt safe in streaming. That their data was managed carefully. They felt that streaming on Facebook was not the answer. 

They went looking for a solution. They found Joymo.


Konnerud signed up with Joymo and in just a few hours were setting up their teams, giving their coaches admin responsibilities, and they were streaming. 

They are now 8 weeks in (April 2021) and have streamed 62 games with their iPhone and Tablets using the Joymo Share App. They have reach hundreds of fans, made over 1,000 EURO for their club and all of their players feel good (and safe) about their streaming experience. 

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“We love and greatly value the opportunity to watch the games we have played - it boosts our motivation and enjoyment”

Konnerud player (aged 14, female)

"One of our teams played an away game and 15 minutes before starting they asked to stream the game, after getting permission from the home team. So the parents could see the game. And it was a really exciting match!

This is what Joymo is all about – connecting fans to games, boosting enjoyment for players, helping clubs financially and make sure that individuals feel safe in streaming."

Club Coach Lene Håheim (April 2021)

The Breakdown


Handball games

Streaming method

Joymo Share app - iPhone

Games streamed


Tickets sold

296 tickets

Total revenue

€1,095 / £950 / $1,320


Social media posts including clips from Arena