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How to make money with Joymo tickets

You, yes you! You and your team make Joymo what it is. It is your sport that brings this platform to life, and we are here to cheer you on!

Our job is to help you create events, so that you can sell tickets to your fans allowing them to watch your sport and give back by supporting your club and/or team. Together we are a community.

You can sell a single event ticket (Pay-Per-View), Weekend Passes/Tournament Passes and even Season passes. You decide. This is your content, you are in control and you decide how you want to engage the passion of your fans. Coaches and Athletes can be granted free access to your content, this is called Athlete Access and empowering everyday superstars is our goal.

Joymo handles the payment service and customer service. After variable costs have been deducted, your revenue gets paid into your bank account, by Joymo, promptly.

Single pay-per-view tickets

With single tickets your fans have the option to buy access to one stream at a time. This is ideal when you livestream individual games/matches/events. 

Single tickets can be offered as live only or live + Video on Demand, meaning you can catch up on the game if you couldn't watch the action live. 

You as a content creator decide the price, with a minimum price per stream of 39 NOK / 3.99 USD / 3.99 GBP / 3.99 EUR.

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Event/Tournament Pass

If you are planning to livestream a tournament or a weekend event with several streams, we can help you create an Event/Tournament Pass, which gives your fans access to all related streams. This way, your fans will only have to buy one ticket. 

In terms of price for the Event/Tournament Pass, it depends on the number of streams and the duration. We will help you find the appropriate price.

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Season Pass

With a Season pass, you can load all upcoming events for the season on one ticket. This gives your fans an easy way to access all your content (live + VOD) by only having to buy one ticket.Please contact us for this option, and we will help you set it up. 

You as a content creator decide the price, but the minimum price for a Season Pass is set to 599 NOK / 59.99 USD / 59.99 GBP / 59.99 EUR.

Please note that tickets can only be bought using a credit card.

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How much could you make with Joymo?

Home games per week
Viewers per game
Tickets sold per season
We estimate your club could earn
NOK 76,790
all figures are estimated, please contact us for a personal consultation on how we can help your club
all figures are estimated, please contact us for a personal consultation on how we can help your club

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