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Athlete Access

Engage and improve performance by giving players and coaches unlimited access to all the club's streams.

Joymo's platform brings sports broadcasting to everyone and this allows players and coaches to interact with and learn from past recorded content. Joymo's Athlete Access is a unique product for coaches and athletes to connect with their club's catalogue of past matches and trainings.

It is not possible to improve the elite and national level sport without developing the grassroots. To develop the grassroots we are talking about opportunities, facilites and the abilities of participants.

Giving young athletes and players unlimited access to their video content from matches and trainings will help them improve their performance. Help them see what they do well and what they can improve. Help them see how and why they are getting better.

What this means for the athlete/player

  • The athlete/player is given a unique log in which allows them to access their club/teams video content stored in Joymo Arena
  • They will have unlimited access to the recorded content from their teams matches and trainings
  • A catalogue of their competitive matches will be stored for as long as the club decides
  • Their coach can give explicit directions on what content to watch (which game and at what time in the game, for example) so that cacn experience key moments of learning
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Athlete Access is included in our Elite and Pro packages